Over the years, Taylor has earned the title as The Keyser of TSG. He is the orchestrator of everything TSG, yet nobody really knows what Taylor does. He can be found globe-trotting, showing up in retail shops and at industry events when least expected. Look to your right, you might just see him. Look away, he has often disappeared. But be assured, he’s always in the know... and always working on some venture to elevate the excitement of his team.

1. What is your favorite sport? Skiing or mountain biking with my kids.

2. What is your job at TSG and why are you good at it? I am not sure what it is really….and I am good at not knowing what I am doing.

3. What does a perfect day look like for you? Ski with my kids in the morning in Whistler and teleport to Hawaii for an afternoon of playing in the surf.

4. If you could choose your dream vacation, where would it be and why? A trip around the world...

5. What is your ideal meal? I just like good food.

6. If you need most anything – I can point you in the right direction if not help you directly at TSG, I am the person to contact. jay@thesozegroup.com