1. What is your favorite sport? Running and snowboarding. I am also the biggest fan of my son’s soccer games, jujitsu tournaments and BMX races.

2. What is your job at TSG and why are you good at it? I do the books plus more. I enjoy problem solving and I am an excel geek.

3. What does a perfect day look like for you? I am surrounded by the mountains, the ocean, lakes, towns and cities filled with cultural diversity. It would be a dream staycation to fully explore where I live and not take this beautiful place I call home for granted.

4. If you could choose your dream vacation, where would it be and why? My bucket list would be fly-fishing down under in NZ.

5. What is your ideal meal? Enjoying good wholesome, authentic food with good wholesome, authentic people.

6. I am the person to contact at TSG if you need...something paid.