The spreadsheets that Kim Hodal spits out of his computer regularly produce a feeling of shock and awe amongst our team. Kim is based in Vancouver and is TSG’s “detail” expert. Kim does all of those tedious high level admin jobs that all of us pretend don’t exist. And, if not for Kim, the wheels might just come off the TSG bus!

1. What is your favorite sport? Golf.

2. What is your job at TSG and why are you good at it? I manage the inventory, special orders, tool design and construction for Keyser, finance and administration for the head office.  I like details and enjoy mining data. It is a little like reading tea leaves which I know nothing about.

3. What does a perfect day look like for you? Early up, a great work out, round of golf, a swim in the ocean or a lake and nice meal in the sunset on a patio.  If lucky, all with great friends.

4. If you could choose your dream vacation, where would it be and why? Quiet sandy ocean beaches with a golf course nearby overlooking the ocean.  Hopefully close to a small city or village with few tourists.  It can be foreign or domestic but considering ocean, beach, and sunshine requirements the field is narrowed depending on the time of year.

5. What is your ideal meal? Peasant food from any culture in the world is always the best.  I prefer meals with less show and nonsense and more hearty substance.  My most memorable meals are in simple small restaurants, loud and packed.  Give me a cafeteria in the industrial district in Milan versus a high-end one downtown.

6. If you need someone to give or get you an answer at TSG, I am the person to contact.